This week in parenting 23/7/16

An analysis of the nutritional content of breastmilk has found that the protein and fat content start to decrease after storing for more than 1 day and decrease over time. However the nutritiion content is still intact up until 72 hours.

Exposure to tobacco smoke was found to significantly increase the risk of anaesthia complications and surgical outcomes in children.

A study has found that parenting does not differ significantly depending on gender.

A more mindful parenting approach was found to be associated with better outcomes for teenagers with type 1 diabetes.

Maternal depression and overprotection were found to increase the association between poverty and behavioral problems in children aged up to five years.

Higher parenting-stress has been found to increase the possibility of post-traumatic stress like symptoms in children who had witnessed a traumatic event.

Maternal anxiety was found to interfere more substantially with mother-infant emotional regulation than maternal depression in three month old babies.


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