This week in parenting: 9/7/16

Low body esteem and low social support was found to increase the likelihood of a teenager becoming a cyber victim.

A protecting attitude by the mother and support for the child's independence were found to contribute to important cognitive abilities in preschoolers.

Changes in parts of a parent's brain associated with emotional regulation following attending a parenting course was associated with an improvement in children's report of the quality of their relatinship with their parent.

The presence of family coheseion and the absence of family conflict was found to influence the presence of behavioral problems in children, particularly when parental anxiety was present.

New mothers that blogged and felt that they were authentically self-disclosing were found to percieve that they had more social support, had lower stress levels and were at lower risk of depression.

More authoritarian and permissive parenting as well as viewing the parental role as more stressful were found to be associated with a higher level of psychological disorders in mothers.

More response to infant's cues at distressed cues at bedtime and less co-sleeping were found to be associated with healthier cortisol patterns in infants.


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