This week in parenting 1/10/16

A study has found that individuals in relationships without children report more satisfaction with their relationship than those with children and have greater couple cohesion than those with three children.

Relationship satisfaction in couples with children was found to be highest in those whose children were aged eight to twelve years of age.

Adult whose parents recalled more excessive crying in infancy were found to have a higher rate of psychiatric problems than those whose parents did not, however the parents of excessively crying infants were also found to have significantly different personality traits from the non-excessive crying infants.

Parent with depressive and ADHD symptoms were found to report higher levels of child inattention due to parental cognitive errors.

A study of Romanian children found that those from authoritarian and permissive parents had higher levels of school anxiety.

A study has found that parents who's relationship with their teenagers is characterised by affection, communication and humor as well as promotion of autonomy and behavioral control showed lower levels of aggression, antisocial behavior and antisocial friendships. In contrast, teenagers who perceived higher psychological control by their parents had higher levels of aggression, antisocial behavior and antisocial friendships.

A variety of parenting practices, including emotion socialisation practices, in the first six months of life have been linked to the development of callous-unemotional and conduct problems later in life.

Maternal warmth and support have been found to impact on teenagers neural responses to seeing others emotional expressions, particularly a lower level of neural activation to fearful faces.

Children who were exposed to high levels of television watching were found to have the worse overall health in a large cohort study.

Fathers of unsettled infants were found to experience high levels of depressive symptoms when the infant was four months of age which persisted 2 months later.


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