This week in parenting: 24/9/16

Adults who had more secure attachments, particularly towards their mother, were found to have better attitudes towards interacting with children.

Improvements in parenting were found to increase treatment effects for children with ADHD.

Greater partner dissatisfaction was found to increase the risk of an avoidant attachment to the infant compared to a  disorganised attachment in women who had high confidence in their ability as a parent, but had the opposite effect in  women who had low confidence in their ability as a parent.

Taking a long time to go to sleep and a refusal to sleep alone at preschool age was found to be predictive of anxiety and depression symptoms from the age of 9 to 13.

Maternal depressive symptoms when their daughter was aged 4 to 6 was found to increase the risk of the child displaying depressive symptoms when they were aged 6 to 8. The same effect was not found for boys.

Poor monitoring, inconsistent discipline and the use of corporal punishment were found to increase the risk of teenagers developing anxiety and depressive symptoms due to their impact on the teenager decreasing their expression of emotions.


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