This week in parenting: 13/5/17

Mothers own worries about their children starting school is shown to influence the information give and in turn the children's own representations and experiences of school.

A measure of emotional reactivity (amount of pupil dilation in response to faces showing different emotions) was shown to be predictive of greater interpersonal stress in children (8-15) of depressed mothers, however children of non-depressed mothers did not show the same effect.

The degree to which a mother exhibits depressive symptoms or alcohol problems was found to impact on the likelihood that a child would experience depression or anxiety problems.

Changes in parenting have been found to impact on teacher-child relationships in the case of children with a particularly genetic polymorphism. 

Half of parents who take their children to an alternative medicine provider  have been found to not disclose this use to their health care provider, in spite of the importance of this information to doctors.


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