This week in parenting: 20/5/17

Mother's who are more approachable and share their views with their children were found to have teenagers who were more likely to discuss their feelings with them.

A perception that the child is overweight has been found to increase a mother's likelihood to encourage the child to excercise or eat more healthily but was not found to change actual health behaviors.

A study has found that parenting styles do not tend to differ in terms of the use of poor feeding practices such as modeling, restriction or pressure.

Family conflict was found to be associated with eating and weight loss attitudes.

Counter-conditioning was found to be more effective in diminishing fear in children than extinction.

College students whose parents are over-controlling (helicopter parenting) were found to have poorer college adjustment with a lower grade point average, academic adjustment and social adjustment.

Quality of early caregiving experiences was found to significantly effect the impact of nutrition programs on undernourished children.

An infant feeding summit has concluded that all infants should be given allergenic solid foods including peanut butter, cooked egg, dairy and wheat products in the first year of life.


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