This week in parenting: 7/5/17

A study of Australian children has found that the lowest academic performance was found in those with a poor diet and high levels of junk food consumption.

A study of mother's responses to children's expressions of negative emotions found that mother's often responded in a different way to how they percieved their response and that their was less tolerence of negative responses if the mother had depressive symptoms.

A study of healthy individuals has found that those who reported poorer parenting experiences as well as those who had experienced childhood trauma had more oxiditative stress, which is linked to poorer health outcomes.

Children were found to consume more high fat/sugar foods when food was used as a reward, was used to regulate children's emotions, when there was pressure placed on food and when unhealthy foods were restricted. This particularly the case when the individual child was responsive to food.

Harsh control, use of psychological control, authoritarian, neglectful and permissive parenting were all found to be linked to higher behavioral problems in a meta-analysis.


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