This week in parenting: 16/4/14

A study has found a decreased incidence of autistic behaviors in mothers who had taken prenatal vitamins when pregnant than in those who did not.

Inadequate iodine status in early pregnancy has been linked to lower verbal IQ skills and lower reading skills.


 A study of fathers and breastfeeding has highlighted the need for more information about breastfeeding and how to support it to be targeted at fathers.

 A study has reinforced that extended breastfeeding is related to a lower risk of children being overweight and suggests this may be due to the altering of the child's gut flora.


Adolescents who rated their parents parenting and other family factors more positively have been found to be more resilent and have higher subjective well being.

A study has found that overparenting and inconsistent parenting is associated with higher feelings of entitlement in undergraduate students. Additionally, it has found that hostility between parents was associated with the use of sexual cooercian in males.

A study has found that adolescents who are exposed to second hand smoke are more likely to have restless sleep and lower sleep duration.

Problem gambling has been found to be more frequent in adolescents who use or have used marijuana than those who have not.


Mothers who are more optimistic have been found to be more likely to still be using positive parenting techniques despite challenges in middle childhood.

A study has found that ongoing maternal depression predicts more negative behaviors, smaller achievement gains and increased school absences between kindergarten and fifth grade.

The use of highly controlling parenting has been found to be associated with persistant anxiety symptoms in children.

Parents have been found to engage in a less pressure, more hands off parenting styles when on camping trips than in their daily life.

Overinvolved parenting has been found to encourage the relationship between a fearful temperament and anxiety, particularly in girls.


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