This week in parenting: 23/4/14

Girls who use an active form of travel to get to school have been found to have a small increased level of physical activity all day compared to girls who get to school passively.

Deployment of a parent has been found to be related to emotional and behavioural difficulties in their children.

A study has found that the effect of positive feeding behaviors such as covert control on the healthiness of child intake were stronger when there was an overall positive parenting environment.

A study has found that parents who used inductive parenting such as explaining the reasons for rules rather than punitive parenting as well as those who used high control were more likely to have children with lower BMIs.

A research summary has shown that sensitive and supportive parenting behaviors from fathers and substanitial involvement from the month following birth is associated with a range of positive outcomes.

An Australian study has found that forum environments can provide inaccurate information and foster defensive attitudes.


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