This week in parenting: 2/4/14

A systematic review has found that up to 100% of parents of obese children and more than 70% of parents of parents of overweight children misjudge their child's weight status, this can result in children not receiving appropriate interventions to improve their health.

A study has found that children of authoritative parents have a much better understand of others thinking as indicated by theory of mind.

A study of teenagers from Sweden, the UK, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia and the Czech republic found that children of indulgent or authoritative parents had lower substance use and personal disturbances and higher self esteem and school performance than those whose parents were authoritarian or negligent.

A study has found that children of authoritarian parents are more likely than children of authoritative parents to be obese.

Mothers who's work-life balance is enriching have been found to provide more positive interaction and appropriate limit setting compared to those who don't.


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