This week in parenting: 7/5/14

A new study has suggested that your parenting style can be influenced by the television shows that you watch with Supernanny, Family Guy and American Dad being the most influential.

A thesis has suggested that parents parenting styles affect views of religious figures with those who have an authoritatian father being more likely to percieve god as powerful while those with an authoritative mother are more likely to percieve god as nuturing.

Providing food to soothe a child's negative emotions has been shown to be strongly associated with child emotional eating.

Father's perceptions of their own father's level of involvement has been shown to have little association with their own their level of involvement with their children. 

A study on adolescent behavioral outcomes has shown the best outcomes when both parents were authoritative.

A review on artificial food dyes in drinks, foods and sweets has suggested that children may be consuming more than previously thought.

A comparison of electronic book consumption versus traditional book consumption showed children's comprehension was significantly higher in the traditional book format.


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