This week in Parenting: 14/8/14

A literature review has found that there may be an effect of SSRI use during pregnancy on later development but that the literature is still inconclusive.

Later return to work, shorter hours and the use of parental childcare have all been found to be factors linked to continuation of breastfeeding after return to full time work.

More frequent engagement in organized activities was found to be predictive of better social skills in elementary school students.

A study has found that children who experience harsh parenting have changes in their brain activity associated with anxiety disorders.

study has shown that an authoritative parenting style is associated with increased social skills and assertiveness in elementary school children.

A study has found that marital conflict was associated with stress hormonal and nervous system responses in teenagers when they had a low quality relationship with their parents.

A study of teenagers has found that parents rather than peers are the main influencers of healthier food choices but that they follow parent behavior rather than advice.


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