This week in parenting: 6/8/14

There's a lot of talk about postnatal depression but a new study has shown that postnatal anxiety can have serious effects on mothers. 18% of mothers of a less than a year old had mild to severe anxiety symptoms and this was linked to poor parenting behaviors such as low maternal warmth, low involvement and high hostility. 

A literature review has indicated that while common behavioral sleep interventions may modestly increase the length of time the baby sleeps without 'signalling' it does not improve maternal or infant outcomes.

 A bedtime routine for toddlers has been shown to be beneficial to everyone. The presence of a bedtime routine has been linked to reduced parental stress, child emotion regulation, child behavioral regulation and later learning readiness for language and problem solving.

Got a child with behavioral problems? They could be an immediate risk to themselves. A study has shown increased risk of accidental injury in children with externalizing problems.

A study has linked helicopter parenting with stunted development in adults and dysfunctional family relationships.

More negative parenting has been linked changed behavior patterns in children which result in higher children BMIs

Maternal and paternal warmth and low hostility has been shown to improvement children's emotion regulation skills contributing to prosocial behavior.

Corporal punishment may be more common than we think - a study has shown that reporting of corporal punishment is higher when reported by children than by parents.

A study from Italy has found that shy adolescents are less likely to have internalizing problems if they percieve their parents supportive and non-intrusive.


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