This week in parenting: 22/8/15

In 2-5 year olds, the development of social skills was found to be related to parental practices. In particular, cooperation was encouraged by cognitive and emotional involvement of parents, self-control by social stimulation and assertion by avoidance of restriction and punishment as well as cognitive and emotional involvement of parents.

Maternal psychological control and parental involvement have been found to be linked to childhood depressive symptoms.

A study has indicated that organised sports may increase a child's overall physical activity level.

A study of Australian GPs found that they prescribed dietary modifications and medications for infants with reflux in spite of concerns about their safety and efficacy.

Adolescents who perceived higher levels of family enmeshment were found to show greater emotional dysregulation.

Positive parenting practices have been found to decrease academic stress in students.

A study has found that children's behavioural problems may be particularly affected by lax parenting by fathers.


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