This week in parenting: 29/8/15

Maternal anxiety has been found to contribute to infant fear at 8 months by the use of critical or rejecting parenting.

The transmission of reading skills or reading problems across generation has been suggested to be due to genetic factors rather than enviromental traits.

A cross cultural study has shown that positive dimensions of parenting tend to be linked to lower levels of behavioural problems across cultures.

Maternal negative emotion during teaching a child a task was found to increase child helplessness if the child was not interested in the task while warmth decreased helplessness if the child was high in sadness.

Psychological control that is focused on child achievement was found to be related to self-criticism aspects of depression in teenagers.

A cardiovascular measure of vulnerability to depression was found to interact with low levels of support for negative emotions to increase depression risk.

The mental health and academic performance of students was found to be predicted by parental monitoring, trust, time spent together, disclosure, negotiation and consistency.

Authoritative parenting and permissive parenting have been found to be linked to higher self esteem in college students.

Inconsistent discipline and corporal punishment were found to negatively affect heart rate markers of emotional regulation in teenagers while positive parenting and parental involvement positively affected the same markers.

Teenagers who reported that their parents had less knowledge about their dating partner were found to be increased risk of dating violence.

Greater restriction and more pressure to eat by parents were found to be linked to increased episodes of loss of control eating in overweight children.


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