This week in parenting 8/8/15

Mother's who are emotionally overinvolved during pregnancy were found to have less sensitive parenting while father's who were emotionally overinvolved were found to be more intrusive.

It is worth looking into the relationship between your child and their teacher. A study has shown that more conflict between kindergärtners and their teacher predicted poorer working memory development.

Genes have been identified which interact with parental support to increase risk for adolescent depression.

Less frequent participation in interactive activities during the week were found to be associated with increased risk of developmental delay in low income families.

Children who spend less time with friends are shown to be at increased risk of obesity.

High levels of support for autonomy has been found to predict lower levels of child depressive symptoms and high levels of psychological control has been found to predict higher levels of child depressive symptoms.

Parenting styles have been found to be predictive of maladaptive thought patterns.

Interest shown by parents has been shown to be a critical factor for reducing internet addiction.

A literature review has identified parental physical activity as the most recognised factor for increasing child physical activity.


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