This week in parenting: 16/1/16

A study from Idoma Land has found that permissive parenting positively affects social intelligence.

Stress has been found to influence parenting behaviors related to food and physical activity, including cooking, food choices and child-free play.

A cross country study found that the effects of parenting on anxiety varied according to the culture in which it occurred.

Uninvolved parenting along with non-reasoning, neglectful or rejecting parenting practices were found to predict social anxiety in girls in India while authoritative parenting and connection parenting practices were protective against social anxiety.

Cyber Victimization has been found to be create depressive self-beliefs and depressive symptoms in children aged 8 to 13.

Increased conflict between divorced parents has been found to increase depressive symptoms in children.

A study has found that parenting style was not predictive of emotional competence of adolescents.

A study of university students found that parenting styles were not predictive of academic success, except in the case of authoritative parenting which was predictive when students also had high self efficacy.


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