This week in parenting: 23/1/16

Single mothers were found to be more likely to engage in negative parenting practices including rejecting behaviors and psychologically controlling behaviors, likely due to the presence of other stressors.

The effect of parent's personality traits (neuroticism) on children's behavior has been found to be particularly strong when the parent has bipolar disorder.

A study of mexican-origin teenagers found that those in a high-adversity neighbourhood obtained more benefits from an authoritative and no-nonsense parenting style in their fathers than did teenagers in low adversity neighborhoods.

A study of teenagers and substance use found that neglectful parenting increased substance use,  authoritative parenting style was associated with less frequent drinking and that provision of alcohol by parents was also a major determinant of substance use.

'Household chaos' in the first three years of life was found to affect children's ability to regulate their behavior in kindergarten via its effects on parenting and child brain development.

Race and family structure were found to not affect the relationship between parental warmth and child emotional distress or the relationship between parental intrusive control and child emotional distress. 

Handwriting was found to be advantageous over typing on a computer keyboard in the development of word writing and word reading.

A better night's sleep was found to be advantageous to learning of six month old infants but not 12 month olds.

Parents have been found to have poor knowledge of their child's sleep, particularly during the night. More parental knowledge has been found to be associated with more healthy sleep practices.

Interventions including videos and instruction children on behavior with live dogs were found to improve children's behavior with dogs such that it decreased the risk of dog bite.

Mother's have been found to have a better adjustment to breastfeeding if they have less stressors and better overall adaption.

Teenagers age at beginning alcohol consumption was found to be affected by mother's alcohol use, mother's tobacco use and father's marijuana usage.

Children of mother's with attachment anxiety were found to be significantly more likely to have children that they perceive as emotionally over-eat.


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