This week in parenting: 9/1/16

Child psychopathic traits were found to be related to maternal psychopathic traits only in the absence of positive parenting traits.

A perception of a more negative parenting style was found to affect adults perception of pain and experience of fear.

study has shown that the length of an infant's daily crying affected their mother's emotional experiences and mental health. Longer daily crying was found to be one of the strongest predictors of maternal frustration.

Father's overall engagement in parenting and participation in child related chores was found to be negatively related to mother's parenting stress.

Parents were found to be less likely to seek parenting support when they viewed their parenting problems to be due to stress or external factors. Parents were most likely to seek parenting support during times of rapid change for the child or themselves.

Mothers who have had a history of child abuse and conflict with their partner were found to view ambiguous infant expressions as more negative and to become less sensitive in their parenting over time.

Greater partner stress was found to be chief predictor of poorer family cohesion, with this effect being limited by the extent of marital satisfaction.

Friends using alcohol and parental monitoring were found to be a contributing factor to children being one of the 9.1% of boys and 3.1% of girls that use alcohol at the age of 12.

Children with a tendency towards negative emotions were found to be less likely to be accepted by peers when their sleep quality was poor.

Supportive parenting was found to be the parenting factor most influential on an adolescents risky sexual behaviour.


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