This week in parenting: 18/6/16

Use of screen time as a reward or punishment as well as giving children screen time to 'keep them quiet' was found to be associated with screen time in excess of two hours. Children were found to be less likely to exceed the daily limit if they had screen based rules, more physical activities and more alternate activities provided.

A study has suggested that the majority of teenagers do not possess awareness of how to overcome bullying and develop resilience.

Teenagers perspective of parental rejection was found to be associated with worse psychological outcomes one year later.

Teenagers who used social media at night were found to have poorer sleep quality.

Greater overall use of social media by teenagers along with more emotional investment in social media was found to be associated with poorer sleep quality, lower self esteem and higher levels of anxiety and depression.

Mother's support of autonomy was found to be predictive of substance use by female college students.


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