This week in parenting 25/6/16

College students who had experienced positive parenting were found to be less  likely to have physically assaulted a romantic partner.

Receiving harsh parenting during adolescence was found to be linked stress reacions that continued at least into young adulthood, in teenagers.

Postpartum anxiety, depression and stress was found to be decreased at the age of 6 months old compared to stress at 3 months old.

Higher maternal support and warmth and a higher identification with the family in teenage years was found to be related to decreased volunteering two years later and decreased political activism 10 years later.

Negative parenting behaviors associated with parental depression are considered to be likely influenced by increased parental stress rather than caused by depression directly.

The presence of parental spanking was found to be linked to increased child's aggression over time.

Maternal warmth was found to be linked to increased child social competence but was not found to be associated with child aggression.

The presence of problem behaviors at preschool age has been found to linked to an absence of positive parenting and the presence of more punishment focused, critical parenting.


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