This week in parenting 4/6/16

An anxious attachment style has been found to increase dissociative experiences, particularly in the presence of a potentially traumatic evention.

Toileting fears has been identified as a potential marker for future anxiety problems.

A study of children in rural schools have found that obese children struggle socially and emotionally with severely obese children being actively rejected by their peers.

Maternal sensitivity and gentle control at 18 months were found to impact on children's brain development and academic functioning at 4 years old.

Maternal sensitivity and child temperament at 5 years old was found to be predictive of prosocial, aggression and delinquent outcomes at 15 years of age.

A study has found that parents who spend more time on social media were found to report a more authoritarian parenting style.

A study from Korea has found that mother's who rated their own relationships with their mother's as more positive tended to have more belief in their own ability as parents.

A study of teenage relationships found that more maternal support was linked to greater romantic competance for both genders.

Teenagers who had  more restrictive parents were found to experience more frustration than those of more permissive parents.

Children who were overweight were found to be at increased risk of both depressive and anxiety symptoms at the age of 13.


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