This week in parenting:11/6/16

Neurocognitive benefits were found for time spent using the computer and reading for children aged 5 to 12 while time spent watching television was found to be only detrimental.

Genetic influences were found to play a part in the development of problem behaviors in children except when harsh parenting was present.

Parental support was found to be related to lower levels of loneliness in children while psychological control and reactive control were found to be linked to higher levels of loneliness.

A triple P parenting intervention has been found to lead to improved quality of life in children and fewer child illness behavior problems in children with eczema and asthma.

The relationship between low parental psychological autonomy on aggression was found to be affected by physiological and temperamental traits of the child.

Individuals who were bullied as children were found to have worse outcomes than those who were bullied as teenagers.

Risky dieting was found to be more common in teenage girls when family conflict was present.


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