This week in parenting: 20/8/16

Mother's work experience was found to impact on their partner's parenting with increased work enrichment leading to increased father involvement while mother's work family conflict lead to increased frustration, reduced sense of competence and reduced attachment in fathers.

Parenting stress experienced by mothers when the child was 15 months old was found to negatively impact on vocabulary and academic skills prior to kindergarten, with this impact affected by how close the mother and child were.

Authoritarian and permissive parenting styles were found to lead to an increased risk of teenager depression while authoritative parenting was found to lead to a decreased risk.

Children whose parents engaged in greater parental supervision and monitoring were found to have higher decision making competence at age 10.

Parental disapproval of drug use and parent monitoring was found to decrease the incidence of use of multiple substances in teenagers.

Children of authoritative parents were found to have a higher ego strength as teenagers with the effect influenced by the teenager's own extraversion levels.

The father moving out of the family home later in childhood was found to be associated with increased teenage delinquency while leaving earlier on in childhood was not found to be associated with any teenage outcomes.


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