This week in parenting: 6/8/16

The relationship between low birth weight and poorer cognitive outcomes has been found to not be affected by parenting practices.

Postnatal depression has been found to influence the parenting of older babies (6 months and up) and toddlers via its impact on regaining and managing control and anger directed at other children.

Permissive parenting from the father has been found to decrease self-control in college students, particularly for women.

Parenting warmth, consistency and anger were found to be associated with socio-emotional functioning for children with ADHD as well as children without ADHD.

The effect of the mother's parenting style on teenager's mental health was found to be influenced by overall family functioning.

The effect of breastfeeding on IQ has been found to be more marked in India than in the US and is found to be mostly attributed to early breastfeeding.


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