This week in parenting 27/8/16

Parenting style, emotional support, tangible support and autonomy support by parents for physical activity were found to significantly affect total physical activity levels in overweight teenagers.

Children of parents who viewed intelligence as a fixed trait rather than something that could increase with effort were found to have more issues with depression and anxiety problems and particularly more social anxiety problems.

The relationship between a parent being a fly in, fly out worker and teenager's having behavioral or emotional difficulties was found to be completely controlled by parental presence and overall family connectedness.

Authoritative parenting was found to improve the self help skills in preschoolers.

Authoritative parenting was found to be predictive of higher emotional intelligence in school aged children.

A study from India has suggested that participating in musical activities including singing may decrease the parenting stress and depression levels of stay at home mother's of preschoolers.

Infants of mothers who received a tetanus, diptheria, whopping cough and polio vaccine at 22 - 38 weeks of pregnancy were found to have higher whooping cough antibody levels at 2 months of age than those of mothers who did not receive the vaccine.

More parental monitoring and a better parent-teenager relationship was found to reduce the risk of time spent unsupervised in high crime areas.


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