This week in parenting: 12/11/16

Authoritarian and authoritative parenting styles were both found to be linked to reduced psychological distress in adolescents.

The use of routines in preschool children has been implicated in the child's development of self regulation and the prevention of behavioral difficulties.

A study of parents involved in the child welfare system has found that parenting can differ significantly between male and female children, in particular the use of harsh and inconsistent discipline styles and the establishment of clear expectations.

A study has found that while negative parenting practices were found to influence problem behavior in combination with personality aspects, positive parenting practices were not predictive of poor child behavior at all.

Teenagers who suffer from insomnia and daytime sleepiness were found to be at increased risk for alcohol use.

Mothers of children with early onset conduct problems were found to have consumed significantly less fish and more processed food prenatally than mothers of children without conduct problems.

In children with early onset conduct problems consumption of less than two servings of fish a week and consumption of more than one serving of processed food a day was found to increase the chances of emotional difficulties in adolescence. This finding was not found for children without conduct problems.

Involvement in moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity has found to be protective against depressive symptoms. For girls, involvement in organised sport was particularly protective.

A study of advertisements in parenting magazines has found that 15% involved information or activities that were counter to American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations such as non-approved medication, choking hazards, unsafe sleeping or poor nutrition.


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