This week in parenting: 5/11/16

The degree to which parents use care in their parenting style was found to be predictive of children's self esteem.

A gene allele has been identified which makes children particularly vulnerable to the effects of parenting.

Parenting mistakes, including hyperprotection, excessive sanctions, infantilization and insufficient requirements, have been found to be a trigger for communication problems in children.

A study of maternal related characteristics of family functioning on children with mental health issues found that authoritarian or rejecting parenting, a focus on material values, violence and alcohol abuse situations and an intergenerational stereotype of female domination were frequent features.

A study of children with aggressive behavior have found that decreases in aggressive behavior were found to be linked to increases in perceived parenting.

Very severe obesity in mothers during pregnancy was found to be linked to a variety of mental health problems in children aged three to five.

A child's nervous system responsiveness has been shown to influence the development of adult ADD and oppositional defiant disorder symptoms in the presence of harsh parenting.


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