This week in parenting 26/11/16

A study of college students has found that high levels of helicopter parenting was found to predict lower levels of well being in females while high levels of autonomy support in parenting predicted less unease and social anxiety symptoms in males.

A study of low income minority mothers attending a Head Start program found that improvements in the amount of co-parenting agreement was found to increase their children's social competence over time.

Parents who express aggression more frequently or positivity less frequently or who respond more negatively to their teenagers positive, aggressive behaviors have been found to have teenagers who are at more risk of depression and have suboptimal brain development.

A study has found that when teenagers view their parents parenting as more negative than the parent does there is a higher level of problem behavior in the teenager.

A study has found that  having a warmer father increases a teenager's positive beliefs and may increase academic grades in conjunction with certain personality traits.

Infants of mother's with depressive symptoms postpartum were found to be at increased risk of non-verbal communication delay at 14 months.

Teenagers whose relationship with their parents was characterised by inhibition of exploration and of individuality were found to be more likely to experience suicidal ideation.


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