This week in parenting - 22/1/14- Angry preschoolers, drugs and alcohol

Positive parenting has been found to help reduce the link between parent anxiety and child anxiety

A Chinese study has found that the use of corporal punishment is more likely when used by the parents, particularly when the corporal punishment is mild

A study has found that children who live with their biological father have less externalizing behaviors at age four than those who do not

Negative caregiving behaviors have been found to influence the development of executive functions (working memory, reasoning, task flexibility, problem solving, planning and execution) in early childhood

Preschoolers who had a disorganized attachment style have been found to be at higher risk of anxiety and depression as preadolescents

The link between early sex and risky sexual behavior in twenty to thirty year olds has been found to be broken when co-existing risk factors (antisocial peer influences, behavioral inhibition) were accounted for

The cognitive advantages of breastfeeding have been found to be sustained to at least adolescence

Strict rule setting about alcohol combined with high levels of communication about alcohol has been shown to be the best way to curb adolescent alchol use

A study has shown that the best predictor of highly generative in teenagers is an authoritative mother who is also highly generative

School drug testing has been found to have no effect on substance use in adolescents


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