This week in parenting research 15/1/14 - Babies and children edition

A study has found that when infants who were given a dental examination along with their mother early in life, went on to develop less dental cavities

A study of preschoolers with asthma has found that those whose parents have more negative beliefs about health care have less adherence to their medication

A study has found that maternal emotional distress is related to aggressive behavior in primary school students.

An optimal level of behavioral control (asking your child to constrain their behavior) has been identified after which it results in externalising behaviors

Children of mothers who were depressed have been found to have lower fearfulness responses to startling stimuli

Mothers who have expectations of their infants that match the infants behavior have been found to be the most likely to have secure attachments

More creative children have been found to come from progressive schools, have authoritative parents and engage in more stimulating activities

Dialogic reading has been shown to increase children's enjoyment of reading, concepts about print, parent-child reading behaviors and parental attitudes about reading to their children

A recent study has suggested that bilingual children may benefit social-emotionally to attending early childhood classrooms where their 'home' language is spoken


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