This week in parenting: 10/10/14

A study has found that mother's goal orientation and control has strong effects on teenager's abilities to set goals.

Another study has found that an authoritarian parenting style predicted a performance-avoidance approach to goals while authoritative parenting signified performance-approach and mastery approach.

The effects of your parenting can be influenced by the temperament of your child. A study has shown that inhibited children has improved moral behaviour based on mother's reasoning, whereas exuberant children has improved moral behaviour when given redirection and commands.

A study has found that parenting stress is not directly related to child BMI, but increased levels of parenting stress were linked with more unhealthy habits in preschoolers.

A study has found no benefit for complementary or alternative medicines in the treatment of eczema. Elimination diets have also been recommended against.

A study has found that it is important for the quality of life of eczema sufferers and their families that parents understand the chronic and relapsing nature of the condition.

Babies that are low birth weight have been found to be particularly vulnerable to the effects of low-sensitivity in parenting.

Having meals as a family with your teenager at least once a week has been found to decrease the odds of the teenager being overweight or obese.

study has found that barriers preventing an overweight child from losing weight are a lack of acknowledgement that being overweight is a health issue and the consequences of that, a lack of time to supervise a healthy lifestyle and a perceived social pressure to eat junk food.

Mental Health
A follow up of bullied students showed that bullied students had high depression-anxiety scores, lower fluid intelligence and the poorest psychosocial adjustment.

Children living with a parent with poor emotional health were found to be more likely to develop anxiety or depression themselves.

Harsh parenting has been found to be linked to bullying later in life.

Affection between siblings has been found to be related to adolescent sympathy and prosociality while hostility between siblings was related to depression.


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