This week in parenting: 15/10/14

A review has found that interventions focused on reducing childhood obesity are not effective in the long term.

study has found that less permissive parenting practices alongside healthier lifestyle choices was associated with reduced likelihood of being overweight.

study from New Zealand has found that vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy and infancy reduces the number of GP visits in childhood.

A study has suggested that corporal punishment may increase child anxiety sensitivity (a predisposing attribute for anxiety disorders) and that positive parenting may reduce the association between parent anxiety sensitivity and child anxiety sensitivity.

A study has suggested that a good parent-child relationship may promote young children's emotional and behavioural resilience to different types of environmental risks.

A study has found that fatigue has the potential to negatively influence parenting behaviours.

A study has suggested a link between more egalitarian division of labour in the household and more positive sibling relationships.

A study from America has found that the law does little to promote shared parenting among never married couples who face more obstacles to shared parenting.

More intrusive and less synchronous parent-child interactions in early childhood were found to predict poorer executive control at age 6, with children born preterm being particularly affected.


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