This week in parenting: 2/10/14

A study from Argentina has found that parental responsiveness improved college students perception of social support and enhanced achievement while maternal demandingness improved academic achievement.

Mental health
Borderline personality disorder was found to be more likely to be diagnosed as an adult if the person had not been breastfed in infancy.

A study has found that increased environmental risk was linked to increased conduct disorders in typically developing children and intellectually disabled children but not in children with autism spectrum disorder

A study from China has shown that internet addiction is higher when there is lower parental positive support and more negative control.

A study from China has suggested that spending time on electronic devices may be protective against dyslexia.

A review of prevention programs has found little evidence for effectiveness in reducing externalizing behavior past 6 months.

A study has found that children whose mother's were in a more positive mood after work had better better sleep quality and duration and more positive affect.

A study has confirmed what we all knew. Couples transitioning to parenthood have reduced access and opportunity for leisure whether together, solo or with friends. 

Cultural influences were found to be significantly related to parenting stress in cross-cultural couples.

A study has found that changes in parent physical activity can lead to changes in children's physical activity as well.

A study of Chinese-canadian youth has found that sedentary behavior is linked to increased depressed mood, stress and suicidal ideation.

A study has found that a one hour reduction in sleep in 8 - 11 year olds was associated with an increased intake of sugar and sugar sweetened beverages but no change in energy density of the diet.


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