This week in parenting: 23/10/14

A study has found that 59% of 12 to 18 year olds have experienced sexual harrasment and that experience of sexual harrasment meant an increased likelihood of psychological impairment.

Recurrent ear infections have been found to be associated with prescence of older siblings, attendence at daycare and introduction of milk products at less than 4 months of age.

Another reason to monitor your child's internet searches. A study has found that youth who had visited websites encouraging self harm or suicide were seven times more likely to report suicidal thoughts and 11 times more likely to report thinking about hurting themselves.

A study has suggested that children born following IVF treatment are more likely to have less secure attachment than children who were not.

High marital conflict resolution and low psychological control have been found to be predictive of less externalising problems.

Using media (books, video games, television) as a sleep aid has been found to be liked to increased fatigue and poorer quality sleep.

A study has found that mother's of children with food allergies are more likely to show high levels of involvement when not required when children are young.


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