This week in parenting: 22/1/15

Harsh parenting was found to be associated with mental health issues in children, but the stability of this parenting type was found to predict the stability of these symptoms.

The use of second person pronouns (i.e. child's name, you) and negative emotion words was found to predict childhood anxiety.

Genetic strengths in sociability have been found to buffer the effects of parental unresponsiveness in predicting child social competence.

Children with a personality trait known as behavioral inhibition have been found to have changes in brain regions associated with anxiety in the presence of authoritarian parenting.

Fatigue has been found to contribute to overreactive discipline in mothers of young children.

Mother's who had a more positive mood after work were found to have teenagers who were happier and slept better.

Paternal depression was shown to be related to more withdrawn behavior when playing with their baby.


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