This week in parenting: 29/1/15

More dating identity exploration has been found to lead to healthier sexual attitudes.

Adolescents with depression have been found to have increased cardiovascular risk factors.

A study has found that women who quit smoking during their pregnancy are motivated by altruism and attachment to the fetus.

Children with intellectual disability have been found to be significantly less likely to have ever been breastfed.

A particular genotype in combination with family conflict and lack of cohesion was found to predict inattention in ADHD children.

Disturbed sleep in teenagers was found to be linked to problematic use of mobile phones.

The ability of parents to apply expertise in sport parenting has been found to be related to their ability to provide necessary types of support; apply appropriate parenting styles; manage emotional, organisational and developmental demands of sports; foster healthy relationships and adapt their involvement to differing stages of their child's career.

A child's personality in late childhood has been found to be significantly related to how they judge areas of their parent's parenting in adolescence.

Involvement in structured parent-infant activities may improve parental satisfication, mood and parental anxiety.


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