This week in parenting 8/1/15

A study has found that structured afterschool activities decrease the likelihood of childhood obesity.

A supportive relationship with caregivers has been found to help prevent the occurence of callous-unemotional traits. 

The quality of a mother's relationship with her partner has been found to affect children's social-emotional outcomes with their peers.

Permissive parenting has been found to reduce children's quality of life.

A study has found that higher scores on the parenting constructs of nuturance, structure, behavioral control and overprotection were associated with lower levels of snacking in teenagers while higher scores in coercive control was associated with higher levels of snacking.

Positive behavior management and proactive parenting parents were found to predict the dietary quality of meals offered to children aged 2 to 5.

Eating disorders in pregnancy have been determined to be common and associated with future risks associated with sleeping, birth outcomes and child feeding and eating.


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