This week in parenting: 12/2/15

Mother's and father's sensitivity at first grade has been shown to influence social competence and cardiovascular health.

Negative parenting behavior has been found to be associated with child behavior problems.

Pessimistic and authoritative parenting style have been found to be predictive of social anxiety in teenagers.

Maternal fear of negative evaluation was found to be the biggest predictive factor of social anxiety in children when the mother also had social anxiety.

Teenagers who lived in single parent families were found to be at the greatest risk of self harm.

A meta-analysis has estimated the incidence of mental health disorders in children at 6.5%, with anxiety being most common followed by disruptive disorders, depression and ADHD.

 Overweight and obese parents were found to be most likely to underestimate their child's weight status.

Mothers who reported more problematic sleep of their babies and who were getting less sleep were found to have higher levels of stress, depressive symptoms and poorer self-reported health.

Parental negativity was found to be predictive of antisocial behavior and depression in teenagers.


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