This week in parenting: 26/2/15

Napping beyond the age of 2 years has been found to be associated with later onset of night time sleep and a reduction in sleep quality and duration.

Breastfeeding has been found to be an important source of introduction of a particular beneficial bacteria (bifidobacteria) into the infant's gut.

Inconsistent discipline and poor supervision of children with ADHD has been found to have effects on the child's outcomes.

Positive parenting has been found to reduce depressive symptoms in teenagers.

Negative and unrealistic parental perceptions have been found to be predictive of less sensitive, more intrusive and more withdrawn behavior.

Parents who did not think that weight was a concern for their children were found to be more likely to have overweight children.

It has been found that matching an infants movement timing exclusively guided one year olds social choices.

Higher emotion and cognitive regulation has been found to predict more sensitive, involved parenting.

Harsher parenting was found to increase changes in breathing associated with delinquency in children whose breathing changed in response to stress.

Almost three years old who woke for more than 20 minutes over night were found to have mothers who were more overprotective, coercive and believed less in their own ability as parents.


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