This week in parenting: 5/2/15

Childhood obesity rates have been found to have stabilised since 2004.

A study has found that children seem unaware of hands as a means of transmitting germs.

A study has found that both bullies and those who are bullied are at increased risk of non-suicidal self-injury.

Mothers who bed-share were found to be more likely to be annoyed or irritated by their baby.

Mothers with postnatal depression have been found to be less likely to touch their infants in an affectionate manner.

systematic review has found that poor self reported sleep during pregnancy and after birth was related to the increase in postpartum depression.

Higher levels of parent mindfulness has been found to be linked to lower levels of troublesome child behavior.

Higher levels of parental control was found to be linked to less difficulty in initiating sleep in teenagers.

Coercive parenting was shown to be predictive of childhood anxiety. Overprotective parenting was also found to increase childhood anxiety when maternal depression was also present.

Teenagers perception of parenting has been shown to influence their collectivist or individualistic views.

Parenting practices have been shown to be related to the parent's perception of competence and enjoyment of parenting.

Mother's support of a child's independence in the first three years of life was found to be related to children's academic achievement in elementary and high school.

Parenting styles alongside early life trauma were found to be predictive of narcisstic personality in adolescence.

A mother's attitude towards her child has been shown to be predictive of her caregiving behaviors and also to how her parenting would change over time.


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